In the season 14/15 the STUTTGART PHILHARMONICS give guest performances in the Viersen Festhalle, in the Witten Saalbau, in the Forum Niederberg Velbert, at the Lippstadt City Theatre, at the Coesfeld Concert Theatre,at the New Emden Theatre and the Furth Theatre.  
  The following programs of the Stuttgart Philharmonics arte available
in the season 2015 / 2016.
  Beginning October 2015    
  Mozart: 3rd Violin Concert in G major
Mahler: 5th Symphony in C sharp minor
Soloist Nemanja Radulovic
Conductor Dan Ettinger
  Middle October 2015    
  Carl Orff: Carmina Burana Conductor Dan Ettinger  
  End October 2015    
  Beethoven: Violin Concert
(Cadences: A. Schnittke)
Schostakowitsch: 10th Symphony
Soloist Vadim Gluzman
Conductor Dan Ettinger
  Middle November 2015    
  Schumann: Piano concert
Schubert: Symphony in C major "Big"
Soloist Ivo Pogorelich
Conductor Dan Ettinger
  End November 2015    
  Lera Auerbach: Piano Concert
Beethoven: 3th Symphony "Eroica"
Soloist Lera Auerbach
Conductor Dan Ettinger
  Middle December 2015    
  Beethoven: 1st Symphony in C major
Tschaikowsky: Rococo Variations
Prokofieff: 5th Symphony in B major
Soloist Sergej Nakariakov
Conductor Nicholas Milton
  Beginning January 2016    
  New Year's Concert
Beethoven : 9th symphony
Conductor Nicholas Milton  
  Middle January 2016    
  Beethoven: Ouverture "Prometheus"
Kabalewsky: 2nd Piano Concert
Tschaikowsky: 6th Pathetic Symphony
Conductor Walter Weller  
  Beginning February 2016    
  Mozart: Symphony in G minor "small"
Strauss: Burlesque
Mozart: Symphony in G minor "big"
Soloist Lilya Zilberstein
Conductor Dan Ettinger
  Middle February 2016    
  Beethoven: 4th Symphony in B minor
Strawinsky: Pulcinella complete
Conductor Dan Ettinger  
  Beginning March 2016    
  Ouverture Lortzing: Ouv. Wildschütz
Brahms: 2nd Symphony
Conductor Constantin Trinks  
  Middle March 2016    
  Schtschedrin: Heiligenstädter Testament
Rubinstein: 4th Piano Concert
Beethoven: 2nd Symphony in D major
Soloist Nareh Arghamanyan
Conductor Stefan Blunier
  Beginning April 2016
Middle April 2016
  Wagner: Ring without words
Beethoven: 5th Piano Concert
Glazunow: 7th Symphony "Pastorale"
Soloist Gerhard Oppitz
Conductor Walter Weller
  End April 2016    
  Gershwin: An American in Paris
Ravel: Piano Concert in D Major
Saint-Saens: Organ Symphony
Conductor Nicholas Milton  
  Beginning May 2016    
  Rachmaninoff: 3rd Piano Concert
Beethoven: 5th Symphony
Soloist Alexei Volodin
Conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev
  Middle June 2016    
  Beethoven: Egmont-Ouverture
Gliere: Concert for Coloratura Soprano
Rimski-Korsakow: Scheherazade
Soloist Olga Peretyatko
Conductor Dan Ettinger
  Further concerts, dates and prices on request.

  latest revision January 2015