Magnus VIGILIUS  Heldentenor


Awarded with the renowned Reumert Prize 2018 as best Singer oft he Year for his interpretation of SIEGMUND in “Die Walküre” at the Den Ny Opera in Denmark

“Magnus Vigilius is vocally and dramatically an excellent Steva, his tenor voice has developed to international dimensions.”    Sarah Louise Pedersen, Fyens Stiftstidende

In 2020 Magnus Vigilius makes his debut as FROH in the new production of the RING at the Bayreuth Festival. His first FROH, he sang in May 2018 with the Odense Symphony Orchestra. After his successful debut as SIEGMUND at the Ny Opera, he sings this very role in 2018/19 at the Teatro San Carlo di Napoli.

International guest appearances brought the Danish tenor lately to the Janacek Opera House in Brno, to the Scottish Opera in Edinburgh, die Danish National Opera in Copenhage and to the Den Fynsken Opera in Odense.
In 2018 he made his successful debut as RADAMES at the Halle Opera House and as STEVA and CAVARADOSSI at the Royal Opera Stockholm. As STEVA he was equally successful at the Opéra de Dijon and at the National Opera House Prague. He was SIEGMUND at the Opera House Kiel and in concert at the International Music Festival in Bratislava.

After graduating at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and Drama, he continued his vocal studies with Tonny Landy and Stig Fogh Andersen in Denmark and Professor Douglas Yates (USA). In May 2014 Magnus wan the 2nd Prize and the Prize of the Orchestra in the Lauritz Melchior Singing Comoetition in Aalborg. In spring 2010 he was awarded with The Funen Opera’s Lars Waage Prize.

In 2007 Magnus became a member of the The Funen Opera ensemble, where he portrayed RODOLFO in “La Bohème”, DON JOSE in “Carmen” or PINKERTON in “Madama Butterfly”. He also sang in several world premieres of contemporary Danish operas.

Among his many appearances, his CAVARADOSSI at the Opera in Provinsen is particularly worth mentioning. Other highlights include STEVA both at the Scottish Opera and the Danish National Opera in a Annilese Miskimmon production (2015) and ANTHICHRIST in “The Scarlet-Coloured Beast” at the Rued Langgaard Festival.

As a concert singer he already performed with the Royal Danish Orchestra, the Odense Symphony Orchestra, the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and the Randers Chamber Orchestra

Lately, Magnus could be seen as ERIK at the Opera paa Skäret. He returned to the Danish National Opera as PINKERTON and sang BORIS in “Katja Kabanová” with Robert Carsen as stage director. Moreover, he was PINKERTON and CAVARADOSSI at the Czech National Opera.

Future engagements include MANOLIOS in Martinus‘ „Greek Passion“ at the Hannover State Opera, SIEGMUND in “Walküre” ,STOLZING in “Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg” at the Opera House Leipzig and MICHEL in “Juliette” at the Janacek Theater Brno. In 2019 he makes his debut as LOHENGRIN at the Prague National Opera. He is BORIS in “Katja Kabanova” at the Comic Opera Berlin and makes his debut in Austria as ERIK at the Opera House Graz.


Teatro di San Carlo Napoli – Katja Kabanova - BORIS
As Boris, Magnus Vigilius' tenor matched beautifully Vykopalová’s powerful soprano. A solid singer, he has a sharp, clear full tenor voice, especially in the top notes.
Opéra de Dijon – Jenufa - STEWA
Noteworthy was also the beautiful musicality of Magnus Vigilius (Steva) with his floating and differentiated notes.
Steva, his halfbrother and rival is a spoiled child, loved by everybody, of which he takes great advantage. He is a good-looking young man, a womanizer, mostly drunk, disgusting and fickle. This difficult role is beautifully portrayed by Magnus Vigilius With his sonorous voice, he masters the part with bravura, clearly and perfectly projected.
Stewa is a bigmouth, a night owl, rich (inhereting a mill of half an hectare), disgusting and a coward, not only in Jenufa’s presence. Rich in vocal color with an enormous verve, one cannot but pity him in his drunkenness, outcast and abandoned, when he sees everything around him breaking down. Magnus Vigilius with his clear voice and marvelous timbre fills the character with power and a extraordinary presence.
Both the male interpretors are fantastic : Magnus Vigilius with his vocal brilliance as the inbearable glamour by.
Odense Symphony Orchestra - Das Rheingold - FROH
Magnus Vigilius sang Froh with a good, clear timbred voice. Vigilius had to portray a total weakling, in which he succeeded perfectly.
Klaus Billand für Der Neue Merker
Opernhaus Halle – Aida - RADAMES
Magnus Vigilius as Radames with his distinctive tenor voice leads the soloists. Effortlessly, he manages to sing even the long-lasting high tones and intensly performs the phrases onto the end.
Opernwelt 3/ 2018 Nora Sophie Kienast
With a perfect voice Magnus Vigilius fascinates as Radames.
Orpheus 2/2018 Herbert Henning
Tenor Magnus Vigilius convinces:
Of the soloists I especially liked the bright timbred, completely clear-focused and highnote-secure Tenor Magnus Vigilius.
MDR-Kultur - Bettina Volksdorf
At the helm of the soloist squad: Magnus Vigilus as a steady and highnote-secure beamingman Radamčs.
NMZ - Joachim Lange
Magnus Vigilius delighted with his flawless voice as Radames.
MusikTheater-Magazin Orpheus - Herbert Henning
Magnus Vigilius, as Radames, presents himself as a brilliant tenor.
Schwäbische - Christel Voith
Den Ny Opera – Die Walküre – SIEGMUND
Magnus Vigilius' Siegmund is the vocal highlight of the production. His voluminous sound has effortless superiority and a natural authority, which makes him an obvious candidate for the Wagner-tenor of his generation.
Fyens Stiftstidende - Lene Kryger
The tenor Magnus Vigilius, who has begun to take exciting steps towards the Wagner hero-world, is a strong and youthful Siegmund. Bodily and vocally slim and virile. At the premiere on Friday, Vigilius was generous with of a couple of long 'Wälse cries' when he from his imprisoned despair was forced to call on his wolf father, and later he acknowledged Sieglinde's sister love with an excellent 'Winterstürme'
Politiken - Thomas Michelsen
Siegmund is sung by Magnus Vigilius, a young heldentenor in an enormous development.
Gregers Dirchnick Holmfeldt
Den Jyske Opera - Madama Butterfly - PINKERTON
As the American navy officer Pinkerton, who enriches and later destroys Butterfly's life, Magnus Vigilius delivered a very convincing performance. From the deeply unsympathetic, through the infatuated, to the despicable coward; in all of this developmentments of Pinkerton's character, Magnus Vigilius proved to be both a magnificent tenor and a fine actor. It was both gruesome and good to experience.
Aarhus Stiftstidende - Februar 2016
Magnus Vigilius, known and loved from the Funen Opera, who in 2014 caused a stir winning the second Prize of the Lauritz Melcchior International Singing Competition, has a straight, slender and fabulous tenor-voice. He sings out Pinkerton's high notes with security and beauty. I don't recall any Danish tenor did so before him.
Ars Artis - Februar 2016
The tenderness, which Magnus Vigilius radiates in his voice and movements is deeply touching.
Fyens Stiftsidend - Februar 2016
The bright sounding tenor Magnus Vigilius as Pinkerton is cold as ice and yet ardent in the right moments.
Weekendavisen - Februar 2016
Den Jyske Opera - Jenufa - STEVA
Magnus Vigilius portrayed the role of Steva perfectly right and touching. His intelligent singing technique promises an interesting carreer in a rare "Fach".
jcKlassik - John Christiansen - August 2015
The Danish tenor Magnus Vigilius as the cowardly, drunken Steva is the perfect cast for the role. A promising development in the dramatic direction.
Politiken - Thomas Michelsen - August 2015
Opéra de Dijon – Jenufa - STEWA
(crédit photos Opéra de Dijon © Gilles Abegg)
Opéra de Dijon – Jenufa - STEWA
(crédit photos Opéra de Dijon © Gilles Abegg)
Opernhaus Halle - Aida - Radames
Den Ny Opera – Die Walküre – SIEGMUND
Den Ny Opera – Die Walküre – SIEGMUND
Den Ny Opera – Die Walküre – SIEGMUND
Den Ny Opera – Die Walküre – SIEGMUND
Den Ny Opera – Die Walküre – SIEGMUND
Nationaloper Brno - Tosca -CAVARADOSSI
Opera paa Skäret - Der Fliegende Holländer - ERIK