Martina DIKE  Mezzosoprano


In 2017 Martina Dike made her widely noticed debuts as ORTRUD in “Lohengrin” at the Athens National Opera and as VENUS in “Tannhäuser” at the Riga National Opera. As BRANGÄNE she recently returned to the Aalto Theatre in Essen in a Barry Kosky production of “Tristan und Isolde”. She also sang this very part at the Malmö Opera under the musical direction of Maestro Leif Segerstam in concert performances of “Tristan und Isolde”.

International guest engagements also brought Martina Dike lately as BRANGÄNE to the Flemish Opera Antwerp under the musical direction of Dmitri Jurowski and to the Aalto Theatre Essen with Stefan Soltesz, the Opera in Nantes, the Opera in Dijon, the Francfort Opera and the Opera House in Montreal under Kent Nagano.

She was a Flower Maiden under Antonio Pappano and the Voice From Above in “Parsifal” at the Theatre de la Monnaie in Brussels. She sang PROSERPINA in Monteverdi’s “L´Orfeo” with René Jacobs (available on DVD), TISBE in “La Cenerentola”, the COUNTESS GESCHWITZ at the Frankfurt Opera House and FRICKA in “Die Walküre” at the Latvian National Opera House Riga and recently in „Das Rheingold“ and „Die Walküre“ at the Rhine Opera Dusseldorf/Duisburg. Moreover, Martina Dike performed in concerts at the London Barbican Hall, in Aix-en-Provence and in Milano.

From 2006 to 2010 she could be seen as WALTRAUTE and as FRICKA and as the SECOND NORN in the ‘Ring’ at the Bayreuth Festival under the musical direction of Christian Thielemann.

From 2010 to 2012 Martina Dike portrayed FRICKA in “Das Rheingold” and “Die Walküre” at the Frankfurt Opera House. The entire RING was released on CD and DVD at the music label Oehms Classics.

In her home country the Swedish singer is also very much sought after. She had guest performances at the Royal Opera Stockholm as CLAIRON in “Capriccio”, MADDALENA in “Rigoletto”, CARMEN in “Carmen”, ADALGISA in “Norma”, BRANGÄNE in “Tristan und Isolde” – which was highly acclaimed by the press - , EBOLI in “Don Carlo”, FRICKA in “Das Rheingold” and “Die Walküre”. At the Värmlands Opera Karlstad she performed WALTRAUTE in Wagner’s “Götterdämmerung”

In 2011 she enjoyed a huge success at the Malmö Opera with the part of Hervor/Hervardur in Stenhammar’s opera “Tirfing”. Further perfomances in Sweden include the COMPOSER in “Ariadne auf Naxos” at the Malmö Opera but also concerts with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra (Verdi and Mozart Requiem), the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra (Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Bernstein's 1st Symphony “Jeremiah”) and the Gothenborg Symphony Orchestra (Oedipus Rex).

While still studying in Stockholm Martina Dike had her first guest engagements with Bach’s “Johannes Passion” (Eric Ericson’s Chamber Choir and the Drottningholm Barock Orchestra) in Tallinn and on a subsequent tour.

In 15/16 Martina Dike performed a.o. BRANGÄNE in “Tristan und Isolde” at the Opera House Dortmund and debuted as GERTRUD in “Hänsel und Gretel” and MS SEDLEY in ‘Peter Grimes’ . “Martina Dike as Klytemnestra was the star of the evening” the press wrote in May 2016 after the premiere of the concertant performance ‘Elektra’ with the Osnabruck Symphony Orchestra.

In the season 2018/2019 Martina Dike makes her debut as ANINA in “Der Rosenkavalier” at the Bogota Opera House and she portrays AMASTRE in Händel’s “Serse” and ORTUD in “Lohengrin” at the Nuremburg Opera House.


Staatstheater Nürnberg – Xerxes - AMASTRE
…while the warm, melodious soprano Martina Dike, as Amastre who is unlucky in love with Xerxes, can sing one of the most beautiful arias in this opera.
Süddeutsche Zeitung
A rather tragic character is Amastre, who rejected by Xerxes is still faithful and inwardly desperate. With her dramatically colored soprano voice, Martina Dike gives the role the necessary seriousness.
O –Ton Renate Freyeisen
Martina Dike as convincing Amastre was delightfully endearing. In spite of all his escapades, she still loves Xerxes and with dramatic soprano heights she desperately tries everything to keep the emperor’s heart.
Xerxes broke up with his beloved Amastre. Martina Dike sings the part with characterful mezzo maturity and wisdom. The ousted lover slips into skater clobber and tries to regain Xerxes.
Nürnberger Zeitung
Opéra de Columbia Bogota – Der Rosenkavalier – ANNINA
Among the minor roles one must mention Martina Dike`s very hearable Annina (a rarity in this part).
Nationaloper Riga – Tannhäuser - VENUS
Straight and dominantly and with a powerful mezzo soprano voice Martina Dike as Venus shows her frustration at Tanhäuser’s intention to leave her in spite of her undoubtedly beguiling services.
Opernglas 7/8 , 2017
Greek NationalOpera Athens - Lohengrin - ORTRUD
But much more impressive as Elsa both vocally and scenically was Martina Dike's Ortrud, . Her dramatic mezzo soprano voice entirely satisfied all the requirements of the part and convinced by its richness and its secure high notes. Due to Dike the first scene of the second act turns into the dramatical-musical highlight of the evening.
Der neue Merker
Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra - Elektra - KLYTAMESTRA
The star of the evening was Martina Dike as Klytamnestra. In a virtuoso manner and with her brilliant voice technique she succeeds in depicting the expressive character of the Strauss' Melos.Seamlessly she leads her voice from naked, deep spoken tones to dramatic soprano heights. She is the queen, yet she is captured by restlessness and panic nightmares. She attempts to get some help from her daughter. Tovey and Dike, the most splendid actresses of the evening make the encounter an unforgettable, thrilling experience.
And then there is Klytamnestra. It is not yet clear if she dominates Elektra in being the biggest beast of Mykonos. Strauss didn't give her much chance to profile herself like her daughters. Yet Martina Dike, like Rachel Tovey a guest singer of the ensemble, succeeds in doing so. Vocally at any case. Then despite her mezzo, her voice perfectly equals the voice of her stage partner in power.
Theater Dortmund - Peter Grimes - MRS: SEDLEY
...Martina Dike... they all sing and act on the highhest level.
'..and the sanctimonious widow Mrs. Sedley ( brilliant as hypocritical alcoholic, addicted to pills: the Swedish mezzosoprano Martina Dike)...'
'Martina Dike as the widow Sedley gave her part great individual profile and was also vocally very convincing. '
Martina Dike as the widow Mrs. Sedley, salvitating and scandalizing her vicinity's misfortune.'
Die Deutsche Bühne
'MARTINA DIKE skittischy presents an absurd, salvitating Mrs. Sedley.'
Der neue Merker
Christmas oratorium - Härnösand December 2015
'I particularly would like to highlight Martina Dke, who although being a mezzosoprano, performed the alto parts. She has a warm and deep voice, which knows how to capture the audience and to open all its senses so they can entirely enjoy the tender touches of the music.'
Örnsköldsviks Allehanda
Dortmund Opera House - Hänsel und Gretel - GERTRUD
Martina Dike as Mother Gertrud posesses the necessary aplomb for the small. yet demanding role. With her voluminous mezzo voice, she sings perfect low registers and yet she swept away the children with her impressive H.'
Der Opernfreund
'With Martina Dike, the role of the mother is also perfectly casted. She succeeds in portraying a caring and desperate character, unterlining it with her dramatic soprano.
'Whereas Martina Dike as the mother and Sangmin Lee as the father sing their parts clearly articulated.'
'The parents ( wunderfully sung with clear diction by Martina Dike and ... '
Martina Dike in the role of mother Getrud sometimes is a little bit dramatic in the high registers, which is perfectly in line with the story - at least when the children have dissapeared.
Heinz Magasin
Theater Dortmund - Tristan und Isolde - BRANGÄNE
The musical level of the evening was excellent. The increased reputation of the house attracts top level singers:... Flawlessly Martina Dike' s clearly timbred Brangäne.
Very convincing Martina Dike as Brangäne, who sang the part with a full but yet slender, not too dark voice.
Opernglas, 10/2015
'Martina Dike as Brangäne in Dortmund is a godsend. Right from the first minute, she is entirely present and vocally on the highest level. Her "Beware" calls in the second act really gave one goose bumps. Endless bravos for an outstanding performance.'
'Martina Dike as Brangäne has a mezzo soprano voice with a dark timbre, which shows a thrillingly intense magic. Together with Karl-Heinz Lehner as King Marke and Sangmin Lee as Kurwenal, she is a rewarding pledge for Wagner's music.'
Der Opernfreund - Peter Ryz
'Martina Dike is a rich-voiced Brangäne, showing great stage presence in her acting with a minimum of effort.'
Der Opernfreund - Martin Freitag
Excellently casted were the roles Bragäne and Kurwenal with Martina Dike and Sagmin Lee, who sometimes made an even bigger impression as the title couple. Dike shines with a voluminous voice and a perfect diction.
With enormous dramatic energy, Martina Dike impresses as Brangäne (she has already Bayreuth experience as Fricka in 'Die Walküre')... her vocal presence in the high registers and her enthralling presentation give the character impact.
Martina Dike is a very souvereign Brangäne, whose mezzo voice effortlessly fills the opera house - and she sings just as cold and calculeted, as demanded by the production.
...and the brilliant part of the equally Bayreuth-experienced mezzosoprano Martina Dike raised this evening to a high musical level.
Martina Dike as dramatically gripping Brangäne with beautifully soft Beware calls.
Martina Dike's Brangäne is at the same time noble, severe and sensual.
Martina Dike sings a Brangäne of compelling beauty and creative power.
'...and Martina Dike as explosive Brangäne liefern gave outstanding role portraits...'
'But out of the in-house ensemble Martina Dike's overwhelming Brangäne stood out...'
Recklinghäuer Zeitung
Frankfurt Opera House – Die Walküre – FRICKA
“Absolutely phenomenal the vocal charisma of Martina Dike’s Fricka. It’s a pity she had to leave the stage so soon.”
„... extremely powerful and imperious: Martina Dike”
Frankfurter Neue Presse
„Outstanding among the soloists is Martina Dike, whose Fricka is a music-theatrical elementary experience.”
Fränkischer Tag
„Martina Dike, again as Fricka, develops so much power, guile and presence in her discussion with Wotan, making his rapidly increasing contrition plausible and turning herself into the victress.”
Frankfurter Rundschau
“Outrageous women power was involved – in Martina Dik’s soprano, which swings itself into cutting heights without any hysterical impression.”
Offenbacher Post
“..On the other hand pure joy: Martina Dike’s Fricka.„
Wiesbadener Kurier
Opera House Frankfurt – Das Rheingold – FRICKA
„Wotan’s wife Fricka (Martina Dike with delicately timbered soprano voice) …
Klaus Ackermann/Offenbacher Post
“…and Martina Dike committedly her role as the loving and suffering Fricka.”
Christian Natz / Darmstädter Echo
„Also Martina Dike’s extremely bell-like sounding voice is particularly noticeable. “
Stefan M. Dettlinger/Morgenweb
Opéra de Montréal – Tristan und Isolde – BRANGÄNE
“Only when Martina Dike sings Brangäne and James Moellenhoff the King Marke, one immediately understands what’s a true Wagner singer. These two protagonists are – especially at the Premiere – the heroes and the revelation of the evening.”
Le Devoir
Latvinian National Opera Riga – Die Walküre – FRICKA
„When Martina Dike sang, the audience was equally electrified. Her interpretation of the god’s wife was high class, not at all the scathingly scolding wife. Her Fricka was sung with a soprano timbre upon a clear mezzo basement, attesting a focussed, cool femininity.”
Royal Opera Stockholm – Die Walküre – FRICKA
“His wife Fricka (magnificent Martina Dike) no longer lets herself be seduced by her notoriously unfaithful husband…”
Sofia Nyblom - SVD
„With her perfect mezzo voice Martina Dike sings a Fricka balancing between tragedy and divine femininity. Another amazing Swedisch singer with a real Wagner voice.”
GunillaBrodej - Expressen
Aalto Theatre Essen - Tristan und Isolde - BRANGÄNE
Whereas the 3 singers, mentioned above, already sing since the premiere in 2006, the role of Brangäne was portrayed by Martina Dike, who accurately performed her part in the high peaks, well foccussed in the middle registers Wonderfully sustained, she sang the 'Hab Acht' cries.
Der Neue Merker
Sinfonieorchester Osnabrück - Elektra - KLYTÄMNESTRA
Theater Dortmund - Peter Grimes - MRS SEDLEY
Dortmund Opera House - Hänsel und Gretel - GERTRUD
Königlich Schwedisches Opernhaus Stockholm - Die Walküre - FRICKA
De Vlaamse Opera Antwerpen - Tristan und Isolde - BRANGÄNE
Detusche Oper am Rhein - Walküre - FRICKA
Opernhaus Malmö - Tirfing - HERVOR