Amira ELMADFA  Mezzosopran


Amira Elmadfa’s debut as CLORINDE in Lucia Rochetti’s world premiere of ‘Rivals’ on the occasion of the reopening of the Berlin State Opera in autumn 2017 was internationally noticed. She also played this very role at the Braunschweig State Theatre, followed by an equally successful debut as DIDO in ‘Dido and Aeneas’ at the National Theatre Weimar.

In the season 16/17 she enjoyed great success as CHERUBINO at the Vienna Volksoper and at the Dresden State Operetta.

Since 2015 the young soprano regularly sings FLORA in ‘La Traviata’ at the Deutsche Oper Berlin with Patrizia Ciofi, Saimir Pirgu and Thomas Hampson a.m.o... .

From 2015 until 2017 the young mezzosoprano could be seen as ROSINA in ‘Il barbiere di Siviglia’, HÄNSEL in ‘Hänsel und Gretel’, the FOX in ‘The Cunning Little Vixen’, MERCEDES in ‘Carmen’ , GIUNONE in ‘La Calisto’ and DORABELLA in ‘Cosi fan tutte’ at the Darmstadt State Theatre.

Previously, the young mezzosoprano made her successful debut as OCTAVIAN in “Der Rosenkavalier” at the Altenburg Theatre in Gera.

‚Amira Elmadfa’s appearance is the ideal of a 17-year-old young man of a respectable family with a soft, smooth mezzo voice.’ Opernwelt

From 2009 to 2013 Amira Elmadfa was a member of the Theatre Kiel ensemble and could be seen here in such roles as ROSINA in ‘Il barbiere di Siviglia’, NICLAUSSE /MUSE in ‘Les Contes d‘Hoffmann’, PAGE in ‘Salome’, HÄNSEL in ‘Hänsel und Gretel’, 2nd DAME in ‘Die Zauberflöte’, DORABELLA in ‘Cosi fan tutte’, GOFFREDO in ‘Rinaldo’, SIEBEL in ‘Faust’, ZERLINA in ‘Don Giovanni’, FLORA in ‘La Traviata’, OTTILIE in ‘Im Weissen Rössl’, ROSETTE in ‘Manon’ and ZENOBIA in ‘Radamisto’.

Amira started her musical education at the University of Vienna, where she studied Music and Theatre Sciences. In parallel, she obtained singing lessons with KS Hilde Zadek. In 2003, she started her singing studies at the Karlsruhe Conservatory of Music, which she completed with diploma in 2009. Amira Elmadfa attended master classes with KS Brigitte Fassbaender, KS Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau and KS Julia Varady.While still studying at the Karlsruhe Conservatory, the singer could be seen in such roles as Händel’s LUCREZIA, L’ENFANT in ‘L’enfant et les Sortileges’, and PAULINE in ‘Pique Dame’.

Amira Elmadfa wan the 1st Prize in DAS LIED, the International Song Competition in Berlin, the Lied Special Prize at the Bergheim Singer Prize and the Advancement Award at the Competition of the Freiburg Academy.

Concert engagements brought the attractive artist to the Music Days Franken, the Thüringen Bach Weeks, the Händel Festival in Karlsruhe, to the Darmstadtium, to the Vienna Concert House and the Basle Concert House. She sang Lieder evenings at the Lucerne Festival, at the Austrian Cultural Forum New York, the Arnold Schönberg Center, the Kiel Theatre and on the MS Europa.
In 2016 she sang Bach’s Passion of St. John in Darmstadt and the Mass in B minor in Zurich. In summer 2017 she performed Beethoven’s mass in C major with Thomas Hengelbrock and the Balthasar-Neumann- ensemble in Spain.

In 2018 she is CHERUBINO in ‘Figaro’ and HENRI in a new production of Heuberger’s ‘The Opera Ball’ at the Vienna Volksoper.
She sings CHERUBINO and HÄNSEL at the Dresden State Operetta. In the season 2018/2019 she will be seen a.o. as SERSE at the Nuremburg State Opera.

Volksoper Wien - Der Opernball - HENRI
The role of Henri suits Elmadfa ( mezzo soprano) perfectly well. She is very convincing as Henri, the Schachtelhuber's nephew, who takes glances at Helene. Elmadfa never makes an androgyn impression and doesn't play with exaggerated gender stereotyping. Her entire behavious on stage, her body language and facial expressions is masculinely scurlish. She is defenitively the best actress of the evening. Hats off to so much pubescent, youthful charms!
Klassik begeistert
Sympathetic, youthfully fresh, the nephew Henri (Amira Elmadfa)
Amira Elmadfa as Henri, who sang with a beautiful mezzo voice and played enhtusiastically.
Online Merker
Among the soloists Amira Elmadfa as Henri with her beautiful mezzo voice and her enthusiasm are particularly worth mentioning.
Mottingers Meinung
...and Amira Elmadfa filled the stage on her own and caught the listener's attention with her warm timbred mezzo voice..
Except for Sieglinde Feldhofer (Helene) and Amira Elmadfa (Henri) there is mostly vocal dullness.
Wiener Zeitung
Nationaloper Weimar - Dido und Aeneas - DIDO
With the mezzo soprano Amira Elmadfa as Dido....who has a warm timbred voice with grounded depth. Her authentic singing, a kind of deeply touching pureness, creates islands of musical art midst all shallows of Dido’s struggle with her memories.
Opernglas – 1/2018
...only Amira Elmadfa as Dido and Heike Porstein as Belinda were outstanding.
Thüringer Landeszeitung
Terrific, almost world-class work has been done here. Especially by Amira Elmadfa (Dido). Her softly timbered mezzosoprano voice, which beautifully endures every single emotional state, is certainly to be kept in mind.
Thüringer Landeszeitung
Staatsoper Unter den Linden Berlin – Rivale - CLORINDE
"There she is. Amira Elmadfa standing on a platform marked out by iron rods."

"With her dark brown eyes and her charming smile she looks the audience right into the eyes. Being just a arm’s length away from the spectators, she cannot hide anything nor does she want to. Unsparing of herself she reveals her emotions little by little… With only her melodious mezzo voice and astounding physical play, Amira Elmadfa illustrates her current situation and the upcoming tragic development in this chamber opera for a female voice by Lucia Ronchetti…"

"A mysterious, psychologically meant event, sung by Amira Elmadfa in all variations. Overall this is an extremely demanding part, but Amira’s voice does more than sing in this 60 minutes solo work. It is able to scrape, slide, scream, soundfully whisper and sing coloraturas, never sounding unpleasant. (Amira Elmadfa made her debut at the Vienna Popular Opera in the season 2016/17 with Mozart’s Cherubino)"

"One can hear ove and hate, fear and determination. Everyone understands what is happening and how she is feeling even without the translation. Besides because of her convincing play, one cannot get one’s eyes off of her."

"This exceptional performance was rewarded by a big, long applause"

Ursula Wiegand
"…with the inauguration of the new work shop, the state opera celebrated a big success, due in the first place to the wonderful singer-actress Amira Elmadfa. With her dark, brilliant mezzosoprano voice she doesn’t just sing, she also currs, whispers and hisses. Breathtakingly perfect she changes between recitative and melody. The performance started with a long silence and also ended with one, due to the audience’s emotions and it’s admiration for the soloist."
Der Opernfreund
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Konzert
In Dorabella’s aria, Amira Elmadfa developed glowing voice volume.
Echo Online
Staatsoperette Dresden - Figaros Hochzeit - CHERUBINO
Amira Elmadfa’s Cherubino is a pubescent boy, who lets his destructive drives run wild. The singer pleases with her flexible and rich voice.
Der neue Merker - Christoph Suhre
Also big applause for the audience's darling Amira Elmadfa as Cherubino.
Bild - Jürgen Helfricht
Amira Elmadfa is very convincing, not only vocally . Her portrayal of the page Cherubino has an androgyn touch and is a true enrichment for the erotic bunch.
Amira Elmaffa is a nice, amusing, Cherubino, ...
Sächsische Zeitung - Jens-Daniel Schubert
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Konzert Soli fan tutte - MAHLER Vier Lieder
With her appealing, nuanced voice the mezzo soprano Amira Elmadfa gave a very exciting interpretation of the "Vier Lieder" . With spare gestures she perfectly expressed mixed emotions between lease of life and death wish.
Darmstädter Echo
Vienna Popular Opera - Figaros Hochzeit - CHERUBINO
Cherubino, as resiliently sung and acted by Amira Elmadfa, embodies the fresh air that runs through this production.
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Carmen - MERCEDES
Also vocally excellent Jana Baumeister (Frasquita) and Amira Elmadfa (Mercédès).
Berlin - Deutsche Oper: La traviata
Buono il resto dei comprimari, in particolare la Flora di Amira Elmadfa.
Staatstheater Darmstadt - La Calisto - JUNO
'Also Juno (vocally beautiful and impressive : Amira Elmadfa) the jelaous wife has some different facets. One moment, she sovereignly guides a revenge campain and the next she suddenly covers her face with her hands, crying over Jupiter's repetitive cheatings. Her crying really gets under one's skin..'
'Or the mezzosoprano Amira Elmadfa, who dominates the stage like no other.'
St.John Passion - Darmstadtium
The aria "It is fulfilled" was seldom sung wich such impressiveness. The interpretor, alto singer Amira Elmadfa, made a large pause before her first prformance.
Darmstadt State Theatre - The Cunning Little Vixen - FOX
'...and with her warmly shining, unforced mezzosoprano voice AMIRA ELMADFA as the little vixen is remarkale, especially in the high registers. Their duet is the musical highlight.'
Stadttheater Darmstadt - Il barbiere di Siviglia - ROSINA
'Amira Elmadfa, who makes her promising, spritedly nuanced debut as Rosina in Darmstadt.'
'High praise for the ensemble, in this staging carried by two pillars: the young Amira Elmadfa, a new member of the Darmstadt ensemble, giving her brilliant debut as Rosina...'
Darmstädter Tageblatt
A new member of the ensemble is the Lich-born soprano Amira Elmadfa, who plays the role of the moody Rosina with a crystal-clear voice, nimble coloraturas and enormous enthusiasm.
Theater Altenburg/Gera - Peter Grimes - AUNTIE
'Amira Elmadfaa, member of the Altenburg/Gera since this season, is not only an excellent actress, she also has a beatiful, flexibly guided voice.'
Der neue Merker Vienna, Christoph Suhre, 03/2015
Altenburg Gera Theatre - Der Rosenkavalier - OCTAVIAN
‚Amira Elmadfa is a passionately singing t Octavian with a enchantingly beautiful dark mezzo soprano vcoice and „great“ tone.‘
‚With Amira Elmadfa as Octavian on her side, she had an overwhelmingly enthusiastic and vocally souvereign singer. Both in the breeches role as in in skirt she has an intnsive stage presence, credibly demonstrating the metamorphosis from "boy" to man.‘
Freie Presse
Kiel Theatre - Don Giovanni - ZERLINA
Like Zerlina, who Amira Elmadfa doesn't portray as a naive kitten but as a wonderfully mozart-like purring mezzo lioness with sharp claws.
KN Online
Volksoper Wien - Der Opernball - HENRI
Nationaloper Weimar - Dido und Aeneas - DIDO
Volksoper Wien - Figaros Hochzeit - Cherubino
Volksoper Wien - Figaros Hochzeit - Cherubino
Theater Kiel - Giulio Cersare - SESTO
Theater Kiel - Agrippina - NERONE
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Das schlaue Füchslein - FUCHS
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Der Barbier von Sevilla - ROSINA
Staatstheater Darmstadt - Der Barbier von Sevilla - ROSINA
Staatstheater Darmstadt - La Calisto - JUNO
Theater Altenburg - Martha - NANCY
Theater Altenburg - Martha - NANCY
Theater Kiel - Don Giovanni - ZERLINA
Theater Altenburg-Gera - Der Rosenkavalier - OCTAVIAN
Theater Altenburg-Gera - Der Rosenkavalier - OCTAVIAN
Theater Kiel - Radamisto - ZENOBIA
Theater Kiel - Cosi fan tutte - DORABELLA